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Game Dev House Event HIGHLIGHT of the Day!!!

Anthony Ur
Anthony Ur

Game Dev House Panel & Workshop 2014

Highlight of the Day!!!

Anthony Ur is the Art Director and the Animation/Technology Lead for the US Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center’s (ARDEC) Gaming Interactive Technologies and Multimedia (GITM) team, a team dedicated to the development of Serious Games for training.
He has worked on every area of the Game Development pipeline from concept exploration, to game design, Motion Capture, and level building. Recently, he has taken his skills and knowledge of the video game realm and helped to develop the Gaming Innovation Lab (GIL), a place designed to study the latest video game technologies and develop new ways of utilizing these technologies to aid in the training of the warfighter.
Work aside, Anthony enjoys performing in Renaissance & Steampunk Faires, working onArtisan crafts from chainmail shirts to leather armor, practicing digital videography and photography, and tinkering with 3D Printers, scanners and other related areas of digital technology. He can be found on Twitter as @GodfatherUr.

Planned Demonstration:
3D Scanning – Demonstrate and discuss some of the 3D scanning technologies available today and how they can be used within the game development pipeline.
These technologies can be used from scanning concept art sculptures, to digitizing environments, to scanning in actors to make digital doubles.
Technologies that will be demonstrated / discussed will include;

• Structured Light
• Depth Sensor
• Laser

3D Printing – Demonstrate and discuss how any digital artist can take their artwork from the digital realm and breathe new life into it by creating 3D printed replicas.
Discussion will focus on the process of going from digital model, be it CAD, ZBrush sculpture, or 3D game model, to physical 3D print that can be painted and put on display.
Within the discussion we will highlight the types of 3D printing available to the consumer today from affordable desktop models to outsourced 3D metal printing.





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