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About Us

Our Company:
Game Dev House is your portal to the gaming world. We book speakers, luminaries and teachers for events, conferences and specific projects. We are your eyes and ears on the ground in the digital gaming community. One stop, no shop – think of us as an all-things-gaming agency that can facilitate experts across the entire spectrum of gaming technology and commerce.

Our Events:
At Game Dev House events, attendees are taught to produce top quality work by focusing on their strengths.  From day one, our students hit the ground running—there’s no better way than being “thrown in the deep end” to gain the development experience and creative confidence that can only come by working with professionals at creating, developing and learning about industry standard content.

Our Speakers:
Professional game developers enjoy teaching at Game Dev House, because it sharpens their expertise, adds to their credentials and credibility, and provides them with an additional source of income.title

Founder & CEO

ERIN MARGOLIS  is Founder and CEO of Game Dev House, a portal to the gaming world that brings game industry speakers to you.  She is a member of several boards, and an adviser to various schools, including stints as Lead Instructor and Assistant Director for iD Tech Camps at Harvard and Princeton universities. Prior to GDH, Erin worked in the game dev industry for several years, on titles running the gamut, from small and indie, to large AAA games, Including [THQ’s Frontlines Fuel of War, Disney’s Ridemakers, and a Ubisoft Far Cry 2 commercial for Intel].

Director of Communications and Resource Development

SETH CROFTON helps work in the space between games. From a trans-media point of view to look at synchronous pathways where Game IP can go to new markets. He has collaborated with kids MMO’s , Mobile games, AR, and NFC integrated games along with new IP ‘s and Ip’s that have already existing. Some of these games are  World of Tanks, Cross hares, Wildwings Aerocatures, Bok Choy boy and Sqwishland. Seth Has also been part of various teams that have successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns and in promoting User generated content for gaming through 3d printing companies like Sandboxr.

Director of Sponsorship and Academic Outreach

AARON POLLACK is the co-creator of Primal Carnage and the director of Circle 5 Studios, the international team of indies behind the multiplayer dinosaur vs. human multiplayer brand Primal Carnage: Extinction. Aaron is known for his direct involvement assisting academic gaming and game development communities across the country (100+) with their events and building connections between them and different game industry sponsors.


Carmen DeMint

Educational Outreach/Charities Coordinator

CARMEN DEMINT’S love for video games began with the Atari 2600. After becoming a mother, Carmen drew inspiration from her teenage daughter and founded Round Table Media. With the Tagline “Geeks for Equality”, she strives to promote and grow geek, nerd and blerd culture through the non-profit organization. In addition to her work at Round Table Media, Carmen, with help from various other companies, developers, celebrities and entrepreneurs, provides the LORT Nation Scholarship Program, which seeks to inspire and support young girls who want to pursue careers in the Science, Technology, and Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.